Friday, May 17, 2013

Longstocking Muffler

Here is a great way to use some of your self-patterning or striping sock yarn that you may have lying around.

The idea came in the Churchmouse Yarns newsletter. The pattern is available for free from their site. I have not found this pattern linked to Ravelry yet so I can only mention it there and hope others find it.

I have two of them started, one is for a shop sample out of the Red Heart Stardust fingering, very sparkly. And the other is out of a new yarn I discovered at Hobby Lobby put out by Premier Yarns and called Wool Free Sock. The colorway I am using for this one is called Grand Canyon. I am making it for the shop owner because she is allergic to wool.

The premise of the pattern is simple, you knit 12 rows of K2P2 cuff and then just knit around the 64 stitches until you have a scarf long enough, then knit the last 12 rows in K2P2. The pattern calls for 830 yards to total a scarf about 7 feet long, however you can do it whatever length you want.

The picture here is from the Churchmouse site because neither of mine are long enough to take a good picture yet.

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