Friday, May 24, 2013

Camp Loopy - Goin' Hiking

I am so excited, it is nearly time for Camp Loopy to begin for a third year in a row.

I managed to get in on the first Camp Store and pick up some yummy yarn that I will be winding on Monday in anticipation of the June 1 start date. I will be knitting a Summer Wind cowl out of my first skein of FiberNymph Bounce in Scylla Beware. It is a color that I would not normally choose but that is part of the Camp fun for me.

The first session of camp will include hiking and I am one of the hiking team that is assigned to  Mt. Knitsalot, seems appropriate. And I will be taking along my Camp Loopy is a Hoot bag to keep my "survival" gear in, that includes needles, string, and a wineglass. Somebody else is bringing the fire makings and the smores, right? Anybody? Search and Rescue?

Looking forward to seeing all the Loopie Groupies on the "trails" this summer.

Happy Knitting~!

Note: The duck in the picture is a gift from my friend CatWithCats, it even has a handknit sweater, too cute!

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