Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wonky Strip Chair Quilt

While I was on my mini vakay, I had an idea to create a chair quilt out of strips of different widths. In my mind this is easy to shop for, looks unplanned and serves a purpose; all those reasons resonate with me.

So I drafted the idea on paper, estimated the amount of fabric I needed and considered how I would choose fabric for this, all while I had breakfast at Jiggie's Cafe in Idaho Springs. This was a strategic breakfast choice because across the road is Hen House Quilts.

Once she opened the shop I went in and began my search for the focal print that helped with the rest of the fabric choices. The owner was a great help with choices and ideas, suggestions and as a sounding board for fabric combinations.

I quilted this on the machine with a decorative stitch (shown). At this time, it is about the largest one I can do in my workspace.

This project also includes the first fabric label that I have created. (shown)

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Cathy R said...

Apparently Hen House quilting is closing. That is too bad, as I didn't even know it existed!