Thursday, August 8, 2013

Where I Did Go for Mini Summer Escape.

It all started with an article in the Colorado Life magazine, the July/August 2013 edition. Penny squishin' - it became my mission.

My first stop was in Denver at the Aquarium. This attraction has been in Denver for several years and this is the first time I have made it a priority for touring. I did find the penny squishing machine first thing and did that before others got the idea.

Being Shark Week I found this picture taking opportunity very comical. It has a place in the back for you to climb up and stick your face in the helmet so you can be the "survivor".

The big teeth of a megalodon. This bite may be prehistoric but it still scary looking.

The first floor to ceiling aquarium is a very impressive site.

And they have tigers. The habitat is undergoing renovation and this fellow was the only one there. He was lonely and looking for his friends.

And the sharks. I managed to see all the species they have including a couple "little" 22-foot great whites. By far, the most popular windows in the place.

This was the friendliest barracuda in the place, he kept coming back right to the glass at eye level to look over the "menu" outside the glass.

The next day I went to Georgetown and rode the Loop Railroad from top (Silver Plume) to the bottom (Devil's Gate) and back. This included a stop to walk 500 feet into a mine portal (that is the horizontal entry). It was very informative with lots of history from our guide. Well work the extra time and dollars.

It was a beautiful day, with some great scenery. The afternoon rain did not start until I was opening the car door, preparing to drive home; talk about timing.
I also visited some fabric/quilting stores enroute: Fabric Bliss in Denver, The Golden Quilting Company in Golden; The Hen House in Idaho Springs. All were different and fun in their own right. Got some great project ideas and purchased enough for a bright, chair quilt. More on that project later.

I hope everyone is finding fun escapes this summer~!

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Cathy R said...

I still haven't been to the aquarium yet, can you believe it?

I love the Golden Quilt company. I bet you had fun there!