Thursday, August 15, 2013

My 1st Big Shirt

I decided that I can wear a big shirt with my black pants to work and make this my new uniform look, however it does not need to be boring or suit-like.

I found the pattern Kerry's Big Shirt from Rag Merchants and picked some colors that I think will be great. The purple one is the first of the collection and goes great over a black tank top or, in cooler weather, over a long-sleeve shirt.

And, as you can see, I had help. The grey one is the second one I created. Both look great with gray or black pants and will wear will at the office.

Pedro looks like he has given his permission.

Looks like a successful project to me~!

1 comment:

Cathy R said...

Oh, my, that is a beautiful shirt!!!

I'm totally going to go find that pattern.

I think that you have an amazing ability to find interesting and beautiful patterns and ideas. Seriously, your ability borders on "superpower"!!!