Saturday, July 6, 2013

This Weekend - It's Pillowcase Time

I purchased these pillowcase kits from Snappy Quilts in Denver. It was not because they were pillowcases per se, it was because of the fabric combinations. One is done with Cuzco and the other done with Flirt.

The Million Pillowcase challenge started a craze of pillowcase makers to provide them for charities to give to children. Currently they have collected just over 500k pillowcases for the cause.

With the help of the Missouri Star Quilt Company how-to video, I was able to assemble these pretty quickly. I may be making some later this summer to donate myself. I want to pick out some really fun kid-themed fabrics to accomplish that.

I finished two pillowcases for me - no need for them to match my sheets just a fun thing to have for my pillow.

It was nice to actually use the kits I purchased. Now I am off to find something else in my pre-planned projects basket. Have to make room for new future projects.

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