Friday, July 12, 2013

The Hitchhiker Has 30 Teeth

While you are reviewing your memory for where that horror movie reference might come from, let me assure you it has nothing to do with horror films, unless you count that most of this Camp Loopy project has been knit while watching episodes of Supernatural. Fun show, however my warning is: not before bedtime.

The Hitchhiker is 12 teeth away from what the pattern calls for, this is about 96 rows of knitting. Since the goal is to knit 500+ yards I may have to go beyond the 42 teeth, I am not sure of that yet.

I think if I decide to knit another one of these I will plan to go up a needle size. And I really like the flow of this pattern so I probably will plan to do just that. I better note that in my Ravelry project page so I can reference it later. Does anyone else use their project pages to note pattern modifications?

I hope all are enjoying their camp experience so far this summer. I am enjoying knitting on one project while I sew like the wind. Happy crafting to all~!

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