Monday, July 29, 2013

My Day at the County Fair

I made my first trip to the county fair today. It was early morning so the rides were quiet.

My mission was to see the arts and crafts building and all of the entries for this year. The plan is to create something to enter next year. I found many lovely things like the Navy memory/honor quilt above.

And the cross-stitched Santa Claus, very intricate and with beads.

The knit shawl was lovely with the addition of beads.

And I got to see the Gypsy Time Travelers perform. Fun show.

And I went to see the critters, starting with the dairy and fiber goats. Here is one momma with her kids.

And there were fuzzy chickens that looked like they would have a difficult time seeing their way around.

And this was Handsome Ham. He was resting before the big livestock sale. I hope he brought a good price for his 4-H handler. Those kids work really hard and that money goes to their college fund, so it says on the paperwork.

All in all, it was a fun morning. I have ideas of what to do for next year and will begin organizing that project soon so the year does not get away from me.

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