Thursday, July 25, 2013

Also in July - Movies

What else do I do, remember my secret passion? Movies!

This month I went to see The Lone Ranger movie at the theater complete with popcorn. I had not been since Christmas and had forgotten how much fun it is to take that kind of a break from the world outside. I did take my knitting for the preview section of the film, then put it away when the theater got really dark. It is a great movie, Johnny Depp is too fun in his role of Tonto and I got to see one of the extras that lives in Crestone; local celebrity.

From Netflix I got the movie Chasing Mavericks which I think is a great movie about a real life surfer that conquered the BIG waves that occur under certain conditions on the coast of northern California.

And from my streaming Netflix I have discovered the show Flying Wild Alaska. So far, I have seen the first two episodes and I am hooked as it combines history, stories of bush flying and incredible scenery. I highly recommend that one.

Now, back to my crafting, have to have balance, you know~!

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