Friday, June 1, 2012

'Lil Monkey - Some Assembly Required

I knit Jerry the Monkey by Rebecca Danger for a co-worker who just welcomed her first little one into the world. He has already earned the nickname little monkey and I thought this is the perfect time to knit him a buddy.

The first part was knit on Monday and the rest over the rest of the evenings this week. It is a fast knit out of worsted weight, Lion Brand Wool Ease, and all the parts are ready for assembly. I will be doing the modification of embroidered eyes instead of the plastic safety eyes because it is for a baby. Otherwise he was knit to pattern.

He is now assembled and ready for gifting. I am going to knit one for a friend, and already have the tail done. These are really cute and fast. I want to try one out of sock yarn soon to see how cute he will be.

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