Saturday, June 2, 2012

Camp Loopy - Still Paddling

Now that the monkey has left the canoe, I am back to paddling for Camp Loopy. I cast on the med/large version of Summer in the City poncho yesterday. It is a much easier knit since I am using Knit Pick nickel needles for the beginning of this one versus the Bryspun acrylics I started the test capelet on.

Easier means faster knitting. As of this AM it is into the 30th row with high hopes to be past the final row of the capelet. That was as far as I got on the test knit.

Update: 8:00 p.m. (nearly bedtime) I am knitting row 39 and will be ready tomorrow AM to go to the next level of this pattern. It is a really fun knit. I foresee another one of these in my future. Until next time, keep paddling (and knitting)~!

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Cathy R said...

I love your monkey. He even has a belly button!!!!