Sunday, June 10, 2012

TWW - Alligator, Twined, Progress

This weekend was filled with knitting as usual. Progress report: The 1st Camp Loopy project is getting closer to the end.

Then I played with an "alligator" at the folks house to help cut up firewood. The alligator is a Black and Decker tool that is safer than a chainsaw. We got the job done in a couple hours with time leftover to hunt down wasp nests and get rid of them.

I attended the first session of the Twined knitting class at Green Valley Weavers. We learned a very cool cast on and how to knit and purl with twining and a couple of the decorative stitches. Then we decided on the project to knit - mittens, and went home to do homework for next week. More on this to come. Until then, happy pre-summer knitting~!

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