Monday, June 4, 2012

TWW - Productive, Bones and Bear

The weekend went by in a whirl. I was up every morning before the sun and busy. I got all the house chores done, car serviced, hair cut, and visited the folks for a brief clean up project, plus I knitted like a fiend.

While all this was going on I was watching episodes of Bones in between. I am into the last episodes of Season 6 and hope that there is one more season at least to be added to Netflix Streaming. I do so want them to end up together.

The project at the folks was to restack some siding that had been sitting for at least a year on sawhorses until one of our neighborhood bears decided that they wanted to tryout fot the Olympic gymnastic team in the balance beam event. I suspect that bear may still be running cross county after the racket it made falling over.

My brother showed up to help do the heavy lifting part. Now the pile is closer to the ground and rewrapped burrito style with the tarp. It also created a much larger driveway to the back of the house so mom can get in and out easier. All and all, a fast and fruitful project. 

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