Saturday, May 2, 2009

May: Days to Celebrate

May promises the greening of the trees, flowers blooming, birds singing and, in general, lighter clothing. All of that said, it was 40-degrees, rainy, foggy and generally blah today, however the moisture is welcome and the birds were singing anyway.

There are several fun days to celebrate this month, the 1st being May Day that was yesterday which was also Mother Goose Day. Following that is Cinco de Mayo that I have mistaken for Mexico's Independence Day. I heard that I am incorrect and that it actually commemorates the day that the Mexican army ran off Napoleon's French soldiers. (and I thought it had something to do with five days of mayonnaise :-))

The best day is May 6th because it is Interational No-Diet Day. So eat what you like and enjoy yourself.

Do not forget your mothers on Mother's Day, May 10th this year. Then it is International Nurses Day on May 12th with Tulip Day following on May 13th.

May 17th brings us Peace Day and Victoria Day on the 18th, which will be celebrated in the British Commonwealth countries.

Memorial Day is on May 25th this year. It is a time to remember all those that have given their life to defend the principles of this country and all of our loved ones that are gone but not forgotten.

To end the month we can celebrate a dual holiday with the first day people climbed Mt. Everest and the day the ice cream freezer was patented on May 29th. I wonder if those two things are related?

And through the month you can practice your bicycling skills by celebrating National Bike Month.

Whatever you choose to celebrate, I hope you have a great time!

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