Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kid Cardi Update

The first kid cardi is done. Well, the knitting part of it is done.

I still have to weave in some ends, find a button and sew up the underarm and down the sleeves. Otherwise it is a "wrap."

I hope the intended recipients like them and get some wearing out of them. I have plenty of matching yarn leftover so I think I will knit up a matching kerchief for each.

Once I got this one going I realized that these knit up fairly fast for me so I should try to get measurements for the other two neices that live in Missouri. I called my brother, their father and asked for his assistance with the task. He happily complied and provided me with measurements and the favorite color for each girl. While I was betting pink and purple for these two as well, they surprised me with the request for "strawberry" red and teal.

Red I know is red, teal is a bit trickier. It can be either blue-green or green-blue. I opted for a color called Peacock and hope I am right. It is really tough knitting for kids you do not get to see too often.

Those two cardis are slated for delivery before Easter and, current progress is, I have the body and one sleeve done, halfway through the second sleeve of the red one. Once it is loaded onto the very long circular for the lacy pattern part it is only about 40 rows of knitting left. It is a great project for the assembly-line style of knitting. The pieces can go back and forth to work with me and the larger project stays home for evening knit time.

I will take pics of the other two on needles as soon as I can. I hope everyone has something fun they are filling their time with! Happy hint 'o spring!


CAthy R said...

The cardi's are really cute. I'm sure the nieces will love them. I'm looking forward to pictures...

Jackie Marie said...
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