Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Celebrate the 2008 Beijing Olympics!

Let the games begin!

I joined the festivities at Ravelry for the Summer Olympics. Now, I am officially in training and counting down nine days to Cast On.

I will bet you want to know what training for Ravelympics consists of. Well, let me share my approach.

First, I drop lifted my pattern binders to find the proper projects to enter into the events. Since this is my Holiday Gift Knitting season I chose things that I plan to give as gifts for this Christmas. I thought: what better to put some pressure on getting these things done than the chance at a "gold medal."

Next, I did some mental training by reviewing the chosen patterns for needle size, yarn recommended, gauge requirements and suggested tools. I also did a run through of applicable abbreviations and researched any errata that might have occured for the pattern since published.

This accomplished, I went into my closet and did some strength training by lifting and restacking the tubs that hold my stash until I found most of the yarn I will need for these projects. Please note: I said "most." It looks like I do need to purchase at least a couple skeins of the right color for these event hopefuls.

Then, I practiced my tech abilities by adding each of the projects to Ravelry, tagging them as directed and reviewing the rules and regs for the games. After that was accomplished I went to the Team Colorado thread and introduced myself to my team mates.

My plan for the next few days is to assemble tools, wind yarn and package each event's project for ease of identification and mobility. I will be knitting every AM, noon, and PM for 17 days and do not want any down time while looking for things that have gotten scattered by my official score keeper and coach, Pedro.

After that I will be practicing my dexterity with practice trials of the elusive Moebius cast on.

Hopefully with all this training to accomplish I will have time to swatch for gauge on the two new patterns I am knitting for the first time. I would not want to be frogging (do over) during an event. That would be like having to swim the butterfly stroke backwards to start over. :-0

I will be posting an events list and pictures of project beginnings later this week.


Cathy R said...

Good Luck. I'll be rooting for you.

And ask Pedro if Purrcy told him where he stashed my favorite cable needle....

Cathy R said...

Well, Pedro is a BRILLIANT cat. Purrcy told me to check my purple knitting bag, and there it was.

Now it is safely tucked into my needle drawer, waiting for its next use.

Good luck with the Olympics (and with the mobius cast on. I've never mastered that...)