Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Visit to Colorado Fiber Arts

Spent a lovely day with my mom Saturday. We discovered a great little knitting shop in the historic district called Colorado Fiber Arts. The building they are in has the very fun windows that you can dress up with displays.

The gals there were friendly and helpful, assisting my mother on what yarn could be substituted for the VERY expensive Great Adirondack Sierra yarn used in a cape pattern she fell in love with.

They showed us a fabulous scarf pattern knit with sock yarn and glass beads that is to die for. And we signed up for a class making Moebius felted baskets. We get to learn the infamous Moebius cast on and how to make fun baskets. It should be a fun afternoon in March for us.

The weather was perfect at almost 60 degrees. An uplifting day from the sub-zero weather we had been having. Of course that weather is back again. At least we are not in Montana with -77 degrees wind chill. That is not just cold, that is inhospitable.

Hope you are having a grand day!

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