Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Surprise packages in the mail

What a grand surprise to come home from work to a note in my mailbox that a package awaited me at the leasing office. And the best part is: the office was still open.

I picked it up, carried it home and Pedro helped me unpack it.

Thank you so much to Cat with Cats for the treats. Pedro especially liked the box and wrapping because he knew it had come from a house with kitties.

As you can see, he likes to help. He found kitty toys to play with and a scone mix for Momma to make. Thanks again, Cat, it was a wonderful treat.

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Cathy R said...

Pedro looks like he is having fun in the box!! Purrcy has been attacking (and shredding) some other packing paper that came in a new bag that I just bought... I'm glad he is having fun, but it is going to be a pain to clean up!!