Friday, December 28, 2007

Baby, It's Cold Outside or Brrrr!

And to think that just a scant month ago we could not think about getting ready for Christmas because it was still hovering in the 70s. Well, those days are over. Single digit readings are here and will stay at least for the next week.

Since I do not believe in paying high utility bills to keep my house warm when I am working everyday, I have learned over the years the beauty and functionality of polar fleece and, now, knitted garments.

I have been keeping my thermostat at a brisk 55. Even Pedro is noticing it is not balmy in the house and has been seeking warm pockets to curl up in. Last time I caught him trying to climb under the cupboard on top of the fridge and I realized that he could get himself stuck somewhere looking for warmth.

So, I present to you the very un-Martha Stewartesque pillow arrangement, now known as a cat igloo, in our boudoir. I built it this morning and he was ensconced within 10 minutes and did not even come out to watch me go to work through the window as he usually does. I guess that is what he has been needing. So much for any chance of having House Beautiful call to schedule a photo shoot of my bedroom.

The igloo is made with lots of pillows, my polar fleece skirt as the floor (Mom, I will need another one soon, he has claimed mine), a polar fleece throw as a roof and down ski pants as his welcome mat.

I just hope I can convince him I have to disassemble it at night to go to bed.

Hope you are staying warm and enjoying the winter season.

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Cathy R said...

What a great idea!! I should do that for my two kitties - Of course, I will need more pillows.