Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas is Grand

For the first time in ten or more years we had snow for Christmas. The above picture is the much acclaimed and chuckled at palm trees in Woodland Park that are part of the landscape of the Dinosaur Resource Center.

Christmas was lots of fun this year. My brother and his family from Georgia arrived with Santa's sleigh around 2 a.m. Christmas morning and were groggy but excited to open packages after a few hours of sleep.

Before they woke up, my mother, the other evil elf, was helping me, with the aid of a flashlight, find whose makeshift gift bag stocking was whose so I could add my gift donations. We had giggled earlier at my other brother's suggestion that instead of gift bags we could have used the redneck version of a Christmas stocking, the ever-present ziplock bag.

My brother, the evil elf, was in charge of passing out packages. We only had to fire him once for giving the wrong present to someone. Might have something to do with his eyes were propped open with toothpicks.

After the festivities with the gift wrap, we scrunched up on the couch for a family picture. My brother has assured me he will send the one with all of us soon and I will add it later. For now this one will have to do and, yes, I am behind the camera.
And since the kids had not seen snow in a while they all bundled up in the layers of snow suits and went out in pursuit of a sledding hill. At 18-degrees and blowing, I opted to stay in the house and help Mom with dinner prep.

Hope your Christmas was warm, filled with family and fun.

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