Friday, December 28, 2007

New Knitterly Endeavors

For you fellow knitters out there: Do you buy yarn just because or do you buy for projects? And then, if you do not cast on right away, do you forget what it was for three months later when you are digging through your yarn box? Well, I am taking a hint from my favorite cooking show host, Rachel Ray, and prepping my produce (yarn) as soon as I get it home.

I am a project shopper. I go to the yarn shop when I need yarn for a pattern I want to knit. I do not always cast it on immediately. And I do have yarn in my storage bucket that I have forgotten what it was for. So this year I am packaging my purchase in my favorite 2-gallon ziplock bags with the pattern and any notes regarding the project inside. I am then adding it to my To Be Knit list with the recipient and pattern name so I know it is in the house, ready to cast on, when I am ready. That may be too much organization, but it works for me.

So my current Knit Project List looks like this:
Horde of Headbands for giveaway items for the upcoming contest on my blog (watch for it)
Cowls for Mom and me
Headband (made from Vanna's Choice yarn) for Dad
Fingerless Gloves for Dad
Sox for Mom
Kitty Pi bed for Pedro
That list should get me through to March. Then I will begin researching and knitting the prototype for my 2008 Christmas gifts.
All of this, plus my full time job, and I am working on Level One of the Craft Yarn Council of America (CYCA) Knitting Instructor Certification program.
Hope your knitting pursuits lead down happy paths!

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