Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mother Nature Wins Again

As you may have guessed from previous posts, not much gets in the way of a road trip in my life. With or without my traveling family members (The 3 Mouseketeers, as we like to call ourselves) I ususally go on mini-road trip adventures as scheduled.

However that is not the case today.

My plan for today was to deliver the kittyghan donations for the Cat Care Society to Colorful Yarns in Centennial (that is on the current outskirts of southern Denver) and visit Knitty Cat in the same area before I came home to finish my Xmas projects.

Mother Nature has other ideas this morning. Even though the snow is minimal, the ice on the roads makes it treacherous, as the newscaster on Channel 13 has just remarked.

As you can see below the kittyghans are ready to go, mostly crocheted ones donated from CK and the knit one I made, with crocheted kitty spider strings and some additional toy items. Then I prepared the box to put everything in with help from my assistant, Pedro. He sat in the box for counterweight while I taped the wrapping paper on it. He is so helpful.

As you can see the box is ready and I am monitoring the road reports carefully to see if I am going to attempt it. I have driven in adverse conditions with much deeper snow depths before, however, ICE makes me hesitate. Will post later with the outcome of the day.

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