Thursday, June 6, 2013

Little Bags

I have been playing with some patterns by Terri Atkinson. I understand that she is known for her zipper installation method and I found it to be very easy so I am impressed.

The first two I tested were the Cash and Carry (pictured in red and grey) and the Monkey Business (pictured in brown flowers and blue). Both are very fun and will make great gifts.

There are several others that I will be testing in the coming weeks. It is fun to put together different fabrics to create fun options.

For me, the trick  is to have all the hardware supplies on hand when decided to make one. So I am tracking down a bulk option for the zippers and the swivel hooks, because I have find they are more expensive in the shops and harder to find because they only keep so many on hand.

It should be a fun summer project, getting ready

for gift giving season. Happy Crafting to All~!

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