Saturday, June 1, 2013

Camp Loopy - Off to Hike Mt. KnitsALot

I missed the first bugle call of camp this morning. I know most of my fellow campers were up with the birds casting on, while I was up with the birds sewing on my charm school project from yesterday.

Then I ran out early to shop for the most important monthly items - cat litter and food. While I was out it struck me that it was June 1st and I should be casting on, so I raced home, pulled out the yarn and needles and started the long cast on for the Summer Wind cowl, all 268 stitches of it.

By the end of the afternoon that included haircuts for me and the parents, plus sewing store shopping, I was back to summer camp with a cold drink and a warm pussycat curled up in my lap and a movie. This is my kind of camping, at least for this weekend.

I hope all my fellow campers are enjoying their first session like I am. See you on the hiking trail~!

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