Sunday, July 1, 2012

TWW - Fire, Smoke, Frustration

I hope your weekend went better than mine. I was on standby to do something useful for the fire victims in our community, however did not get the call and could not go out and do it on my own as was tied to this group.

The "waiting and doing nothing" was the worst thing for me to endure. I plan to do more this week for all that need something to make up for the statis I was in. My thoughts go out to all those who lost so much and for those who tried so hard to prevent that from happening. I have seen the most incredible coming together in this community and help from far and away, and I am so grateful to live here.

Please remember to say thank you to your emergency responder teams wherever you live, be they fire, law enforcement, EMTs or animal rescue, they deserve our recognition and respect for the jobs that they signed on for. And to all those who stepped in to assist in the recovery - you also get a large round of applause. Be well and be safe, look out for your neighbors and be ever vigilant to help prevent future tragedies.

Note: The picture is from the Carefree Cats Veterinary Clinic Facebook page (this is where I take Pedro for all his vet visits) and this kitty was rescued from Mountain Shadows after the evacuation and the fire had leveled 346 homes. They've named him Ashes.

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