Monday, July 9, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Pedro, Oh My!

Pedro went for his first haircut today. His vet, Carefree Cats, has been doing lion cuts for the long-haired kitties that are not taking the summer heat too well.

Pedro is one of them this year. I took him in this AM and when I picked him up he had a new do and trimmed nails. A full morning at the kitty day spa - priceless!

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Cathy R said...

Pedro is the first cat with a lion cut who really LOOKS like a lion!!!

I've been going through an aggressive brushing routine with Taffy - not that she minds - she LOVES it!! I'm noticing a big reduction in hair ball "incidents." Also, I can pet her without invoking a huge cloud of shed hair.

Purrcy, on the other hand, is not so interested in being brushed, so he is still shedding like mad...