Thursday, July 5, 2012

Camp Loopy 2 - Update - Knitting with the Lightning Bugs

It has taken me a couple attempts to get this going on the needles. It is more from the distractions of the 24/7 fire coverage that is going on here. What an awful thing to see in our beautiful area, but watching the efforts and the community coming together is beautiful in its own right.

For this project, I am knitting the Bay of Fundy Scarf/Wrap by Shireen Nadir. I am really liking this knit. It is an easily memorized pattern which is good with all the distractions. Today, I had to do some calculations to see if I can get this done by deadline.

It looks like I can! I have to knit a minimum of 3 pattern repeats (24 rows) per day to accomplish this. After I sat down this morning, before going up to see the folks and help them get their second car home (they have been the fire zone for two weeks now) I found that I can knit 8 rows in less than an hour. That was good to know and I feel much better about getting this one done.

The yarn I am using, Dream in Color Smooshy in Deep Sea Flower, is yummy and will make a lovely wrap that I hope to get to use at a campout before this summer is over.

Now I will go do a little rain dance to see if we can get some relief from the longest hot spell I have seen in this are in the 20+ years I have been here. Wish me luck~!

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Robin said...

Hope you get thru the fire season without further problems. I'm a lightening bug at camp loopy too.