Sunday, September 4, 2011

Camp Loopy - Final Mod!

So, I got through the thirteenth wedge, the second of the grey, and rewound the yarn from crumbling cake to ball so I could determine how much I have left.

I realized that is was not enough to do one more wedge (about 1090 stitches - if you are interested) and decided now was the time to start the just garter stitch rows sections. For the grey, that consisted of 8 rows, each right side with the increases at the markers, and then two rows of purple, same right side treatment.

I finished one section like that and decided that to ensure my sanity it was time to bind off, not wanting to run out midway (bind off was over 450+ stitches). I knit the last right side with purple and bound off with the Galina bind off, a purl version that lays down a very nice edge to show on the right side, using a size larger needle.
Once the ends were woven in, it got a warm, sudsy bath and laid out on the bed to dry. It will be going for phots tomorrow.

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