Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Celebrate : National Rum Punch Day

Do you see a theme here? Pirates have it good.

According to the article, that includes 27 recipes of ways to add rum to your life, rum is:
made by distilling fermented sugar from sugar cane and is fermented from “cane juice, concentrated cane juice or molasses.” Most rum comes from molasses which is loaded with sugar. Rums are available in several classifications – white, golden or amber, dark, spiced and Anejo and Age-Dated. While rum is made in many areas, the Caribbean is known for its rum production.

Whether you drink it straight or prefer your rum in a tropical cocktail topped with a colorful umbrella, the following rum recipes are sure to tickle your fancy and whet your whistle!
I hope you find ways to celebrate that are fun and safe~!

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