Friday, September 23, 2011

More Yarn Shops: Visited and Reviewed

My final destination for this scouting trip was Fort Collins. I found a lovely cupcake bakery called Butter Cream. All I can say is: Yummy!

I visited the now famous knit shop called Lambspun, as it stars in Maggie Sefton's knit mystery series. It has so many rooms of fiber and books and ideas that it is difficult to decide where to begin looking. If you visit be sure to find the sale room. It is worth the time to sort through the pile for a treasure of yarns at less than retail prices.

There is also a little restaurant attached to the shop called the Back Porch Cafe. The food smelled great, and it is near the golf course. Well worth the stop to see all that they offer.

I also visited the newest shop on the main drag, Your Daily Fiber. It had some lovely offerings for knitters, spinners and weavers. It is located nearest to the college and I will bet at certain times of the week/day it is full of fiber art students plying their education.

My favorite find is My Sister Knits. It is a challenge to find, but, oh so worth it. It is located in an older residential area that used to be one that the trolley serviced, you can still see the tracks. I could have spent the afternoon in their yard, knitting and watching the flowers grow. The shop is a two-story carriage house in the backyard of a beautiful home and full to the brim with the best yarns ever. The ladies who run it are very helpful and delighted to see their customers.

I highly recommend a visit to all three of these shops when you are next in the Fort Collins area.

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