Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I Learned Wednesday: Another Lesson in Dye Lots

Another dyelot lesson learned. While I was knitting the Intentional Holes Shawl for the shop sample I discovered that all my hard work at the yarn shop to match dyelots had been for naught.

The ball bands said the same color and dyelot number, however, in real daylight, the shades were distinctively different. One skein was a darker, more dull shade of plum heather and the other, brighter and more cranberry. I reviewed the ball bands again - both said the same. Hmmmmmm...

At this point in the knitting I was into the fourth increase of six and decided to use what I had bought. I began knittin two rows of each skein, which started a subtle striping effect, and looks intended.

I used this technique through the last 2 increases and through half of the decreases and then dropped the original skein. I finished with the brighter one. This creates the ends to be different (if you really look) and the middle to be blended.

Next time: I will take the yarn to the window that offers more natural light or an Offlite, if available in the shop.

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