Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Camp Loopy - Time to Mod

The 11th repeat of the contrast color (purple) is complete and when I assessed my yarn usage, I realized it was time to modify the pattern or I would not make the required yarn usage for this challenge and have the shawl look like it is intentionally patterned.

I still have a full skein, unwound, of the grey, and am almost out of the purple. That will make the shawl only 600+ yards. So I decided to switch the grey to the wedge sections and use the last of the purple for the two row separation stripes until I run out. Then I will finish with the grey as the bottom calls for.

This is a really fun knit and easy to do once you see the patterning. I will be knitting hard this holiday weekend in hopes to finish this long before the deadline. By the end of the weekend I have to decide if this project goes everywhere with me or not. It is larger than I like to knit in the car, however I really want to get it done.

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