Sunday, May 1, 2011

What Did I Get Knit at the Fling?

I know you are all asking, So, what did you get at the Fling? From the Loopy Ewe?

My list contained some fun projects that I shopped for and here is a sampling of my "haul".

First, (in the picture above) here are some yarns that have no project yet; the yellow is for socks and the color was inspired by a fabulous shawl someone was wearing, it is the last color that I would buy for myself but I had to have this. In the middle is the skein of the new Loopy Ewe Self Striping yarn that Sheri gifted to all of us. The line should be coming out in early fall, watch for it at the shop. And last, is the skein of Wollmeise from Germany, Claudia was able to join us this year so it was very special to have this in our goody bags.

Next is the Malabrigo Sock Yarn for the Pinkerton. I can hardly wait to have time to work on this one. I will have to review the wrap turn technique before I begin.

I also got yarn for the Vogue Eyelet Hat that I have wanted to knit for I while. I hope to have it done by fall.

And the other project pictured is the Age of Steam and Brass that I am going to do in Lorna's Laces Sport. Of course, you are correct when you sense that there is a color theme. The yellow was the only thing I bought that did not fit the norm for me. Oh well, what can I say? I am purple-sessed.

And I did buy some other yarns but they are for secret projects, more on them later. I hope everyone has fun, new fibers to play with~!

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