Tuesday, May 10, 2011

KWCG Sock of the Month - May Progress

Finally, I am into the foot of the first sock. I finished the heel and turn, ready to pick up the gussets. With this pattern, I have made an adjustment from the initial cast on number of stitches (72) and the foot stitch count (64). This is because I know that the foot will be too big for me if I do it in 72 stitches.

So, I decided to do the decrease to the 64 stitches when I got to the last row of the pattern repeat just before I started the heel flap. For me the leg required the stated cuff number of 16 rows, then 10 full repeats of the pattern (aka 60 rows). The decrease I did was four stitches decreased over each needle (two circs) until I had 32 stitches on each.

Now I am working on 32 stitches for the instep pattern. Since the pattern calls for multiples of 6 stitches, I have marked the first stitch at the beginning and at the end to be knit, using a stitch marker so I cannot forget and working five repeats of the stitch pattern across the instep. It should not be too far off of the established pattern to be noticed (I hope).

I will be updating again once I get the first sock finished so I know my adjustments were correct. Not sure if I will get this pair done by end of month because I have four other projects going at the same time. That is a bit over my normal productive list.

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Cathy R said...

Well, my friend, you have made much more progress than I have. I really love the pattern, though, and have hope that I will make some progress today. I'm going to Mom and Dad's for dinner and Rockies game. Good knitting time.