Wednesday, May 25, 2011

KWCG Sock of the Month Club - May Update

It looks like this month's sock project is going to get extended into June. In fact, I think it is for the best.

I love the yarn and the pattern. I overcommitted myself this month to doing several other projects and got sick for about two weeks where I did not even feel like picking up my needles.

Now that it is all better and most of the "extra" projects are to their prescribed stopping points I can concentrate again on the socks. I am an inch of pattern repeat away from starting the toe of the first sock. I outdid myself this week -- the sock is finished. I am casting on the second one.

So, CatWithCats, the pressure is off. Just relax and knit, we have at least another five weeks to go. Whew! Get out the umbrella drinks and the Rockies radio and Knit On! (Don't worry, it will take me another month to get the second one done, I will bet.)

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Cathy R said...

Well, I actually turned the heel of the first sock last night at knitting night. The big problem was that I had totally forgotten to do the heel flap first!!! Bugger.

I really like this pattern very much and can't wait to make a second pair.