Monday, February 28, 2011

New Word of the Week #7 - Flyover States

Flyover states: def. - Central states/region of the US.

They say this is a derogatory term but I disagree. These states allow me some uninteruppted knitting time to pass the air miles and I am grateful to them.

My travel knitting time begins once I clear security, of course, I have wood dpns for a sock or handwarmer project so I do not get hassled by TSA. The good needles are secure in the check baggage and will be unearthed at the other end.

I find a seat in the gate wating area and pull out my project, because I am an earlier arrival I usually have a hour or more to knit before boarding. It is very relaxing and great to know that there will be few interruptions. When asked about what I am working on I am able to converse because what I am working on is mostly mindless (it was planned that way).

Once settled on the plane, I ready my knitting to work on after the announcements and we are in the air. Now that I have my nook I can either refer to my pattern from there or read a book while I knit and enjoy the ride.

There is nothing better than knitting while you travel. I hope everyone has great travel knitting stories to tell~!

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