Friday, February 4, 2011

Knitting Tool Find

Knitting tools and accessories can be found in the oddest places. For instance, Office Depot, I found a zippered bag from Mead Scholastic called a Stand and Store.

It will make a fabulous travel sock knitting bag to take on the plane to Spring Fling. I could not get a purple one so I chose one in orange that will stand out hanging on my Monroe bag that is eggplant.

I have a mini carbiner to use for hanging it. The only issue I see is the velcro pouch on the inside that could catch yarn, so I reset the fastening to cover most of it and then I can stand my folded pattern on that side to further protect it.

It will hold a sock yarn skein enough for one sock (170-200 yards), 6-7 inch wood dpns that are acceptable to TSA, a set of dpn holders, and the pattern. The other TSA approved tools will be in a little pouch holder in the larger bag easy to get to and use when needed.

This pouch can also be clipped onto the name badge lanyard to have hands free, no large bag, knitting on the go. How can I go wrong! Looks like a cool tool find to me!

1 comment:

Cathy R said...

I have a couple of those. I use one for knitting tools, but I never thought to put yarn in it too!!

thanks for the idea!