Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Word of the Week #5 - Exit Strategy

Exit strategy - def: Planned means of extricating oneself from a situation.

In knitting that usually means you need to learn how to bind off or cast off. As a beginner, you have mastered the knit and purl stitches by knitting a scarf and after 15-feet of scarf you realize that unless you wear this item with the knitting needle as a shawl pin you have to get the knitting off the needle somehow.

Left to my own devices I might have tried threading the tail through the loops on the needle and snugging it up to tie it off. It might not be traditional but it would have worked and I could call it a design element.

Otherwise there are many bind off/cast off methods to use to make your knitting needle-free.
The big question now becomes, which method do you use? There are many versions of this method. The most common are the knitted bind off or the purled bind off. Then there are many different versions of the same principle, like: the Gallina bind off - done on the purl side; the Modified bind off - by Lucy Neatby and done on the knit side; a Picot-Edge bind off; a 3-needle; an I-cord; as well as methods that use a crochet hook or a yarn needle.

Bind off/cast off options are varied and many. I hope everyone has their favorite way to "extricate" their project from the needles. Happy knitting~!

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