Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Monday: Weekend Update

I had a productive weekend of knitting class and prepping some stitch markers to sell at the shop. I am have many more sets to do, however at least know have a system to get them done in the wee hours of pre-dawn when I am up before work and the after hours while watching movies. I have to squeeze in as many creative hours as I can manage if I expect to get these things done.

Pedro, of course, assists me as much as he can. He had another bout of needing to visit the vet. We are still not sure what is troubling him, but he is on antibiotics again and all the lap time his momma can afford him. I hope whatever it is we can get him cured of soon. I hate to see him feeling punky.

If anyone has some herbal kitty cures for infection (boy kitty variety) I would like to know about it. Until then I am giving him lots of love and monitoring. I hope all of your best buds are in good health.

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Cathy R said...

Oh, poor Pedro. I'm so sorry he is sickly again.

Gentle hugs to him and I hope he feels better soon.

Cathy, Taffy and Purrcy