Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Monday: Weekend Update

I am happy to report it was a very busy and productive weekend. It started out Saturday with FROG (freezing fog) that finally dissipated in town around 1 p.m. from the reports I received. I went out in it around 8 a.m. to drive up to Woodland Park for my private student. I left very early to insure that I had enough time to drive as slowly as necessary to arrive safely. Once I got to the eastern edge of Woodland Park around 9 a.m. it was already starting to clear. By 11 when I met my client it was sunny and lovely.

We had a great time knitting leaves for the Tea Roses and talking about future projects. She showed me a great book all about making crafts with felted sweaters called Warm Fuzzies. It has some wonderful ideas in it.

Then I was off to visit the folks. Mom and I started our sweater knitalong for the girls in Germany. Will have pictures when we actually have something done on the needles worth photos. We watched Madagascar 2 and ate a sumptuous surf and turf dinner. It was lots of fun.

I worked all day Sunday on my stitch marker orders. It is really fun taking a charm and deciding what color and composition of bead hangers I want to pair it with. Watched Shakespeare in Love and The Wedding Planner while I worked.

Then I made roast chicken for dinner and worked on a scarf out of one of the new Lion Brand Homespun colors for the shop. I realized that they need samples up in the yarn section so I am going to see what I can do to contribute.

Pedro assisted me in all my endeavors and was sound asleep when I left home this morning. Poor boy, I must have worn him out.
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

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Cathy R said...

I did have a good weekend. Despite the power outage, I did manage to get the main floor tidied, vacuumed, mopped and dusted. I also filled up three bags of books and DVD's to donate to the library, started a pile of knitting stuff to be donated and started the mammoth task of balancing my long-neglected finances (one of the drawbacks to online banking is that I rarely balance my checkbook any more...)

I'm looking forward to this coming Saturday when I clean/declutter the top floor. The basement is on its own...

Hugs to Pedro!