Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Last Month of the Year

If anything can get in the way of deadline gift knitting, it will. That is Murphy's Law and I have tempted its limits this year so I am not surprised that it snuck in and presented itself in all its complicated glory.

It started right after Thanksgiving with Pedro getting so sick that I decided it was not going away on its own and had to take him to the vet. After all the tests and xrays he was pronounced with a bacterial infection and put on 3 weeks of antibiotics. The vet also said I needed to quit feeding him Purina and go to a higher grade dry food and add a once-a-day wet food feeding. Well, if Pedro thought he was king of the castle before, he knows it now.

I managed to continue knitting while this was going on, taking it with me to the vet and while I watched over him after he got home to make sure he was done heaving.

While this was going on I was experiencing an abscessed wisdom tooth and waiting for the infection to subside because most dentists will not work on you until then. So I was taking lots of OTC pain meds and plugging through each day at work and then knitting at night for as long as I could. I finally gave in and went to the dentist to find out that it was much worse than I imagined and required emergency oral surgery that hour if not sooner. I drove to the oral surgeon and he had me out within the next hour.

After that, all I could do was sit and knit, so that was the upside to that event. I actually finished two other gifts and designed and started a third while I worked from home the rest of that week. It was amazing what I could get done, in between naps, once I was not battling the pain 24/7. And, yes, the dentist and surgeon both scolded me royally for being stubborn and assured me that a couple more days of that I would have been dead. So I am most grateful to my neighbor who referred me to her dentist and to the oral surgeon who did such a great job and follow up with me. If anyone needs the names of these folks in Colorado Springs, let me know and I will get them to you.

Pedro and I have blown our Christmas wad but are grateful to be on the road to recovery. And grateful to our neighbors who have decorated their windows and trees so I can see them when I get home from work (in the dark). That is the other thing that got bypassed this year because I just ran out of time.

I hope your world is filled with twinkle lights, good health, family and friends!


Cathy R said...

Hugs to you and Pedro!! I'm sorry you were both feeling bad but I am really happy that you are feeling better now!!

Continue to heal up and enjoy the holidays. Can't wait to see you on the 26th!

twinsetellen said...

You are amazing with the optimism and silver-lining spotting that you bring to what must have been a painful time. I'm glad the surgery got done and hope you are both (Pedro, too) feeling 100% for the coming holidays.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I got behind on the blog. It showed the Micky and Minnie for the longest time. Yikes. I'm so glad that Pedro is better. And that you're better as well. What a great photo of Pedro and Mac.