Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mountain Oktoberfest

Today I met the folks in Woodland Park for the annual Oktoberfest. Saw some interesting sights including these two young boys in their authentic costume (they were part of a dance group that performed). For my knitter friends, look at the sock combo the one on the left is wearing.

Mom and I could not decide why he had ankle socks and then a legging option versus the knee highs the other boy is wearing. Let me know what you think.

The weather was cool with an occasional mountain sprinkle. I noticed that the leaves are just getting ready to turn whereas the leaves in the city are already turning rapidly. This is an unusual case. Again, the only thing I can think of is we had that long, hot spell with no rain and that might be a factor.

We sampled a bratwurst and beer, watched the dancers, listened to music and checked out the vendors. Met a really nice gal that makes sterling silver jewelry and does home parties. She does the home party a little different than most I have heard about. She offers either she brings jewelry for you to see and buy or she will come and offer you a workshop to learn to make your own. What a fun idea. If anyone is interested in her home parties let me know and I will pass on her information. She will come to Colorado Springs for a minimum of four and the Denver area for a minimum of 10.

The highlight of the dancing was the whip crackers. I had not seen that done before. I'll bet the Evil Elf has seen it in Germany. So here is a picture of the authentically clad whip cracker.

I hope everyone is finding fun fall adventures! I am off to Taos next week for the Wool Festival and hope to blog from there.

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Lori said...

Hi! Here's my 3rd comment this morning! :) How are you today? You must be at that Wool festival-I hope it's fun! The German-Oktoberfest pics look good. I'm hungry for a Brat and saurkraut (sp?) now with a tasty beverage! Ha! Yum. Have a good day-gotta go.