Saturday, September 27, 2008

Local Leaf Peeping

Autumn! This is my favorite time of year. There is cooler weather and lots of color. Here in Colorado most of our color is yellow, as in aspens. Sometimes in odd places with the right mix of minerals you will find some "flamers" as I call them. This is where the aspens are more orange than yellow. It is less seen so very special when you do.

Usually my folks and I try to take a "fall trip" that incorporates looking for fall color and seeing somewhere new in Colorado. This year we will not be doing that. They are busy with siding and steps and a variety of other scurry-about projects that must be completed before the snow flies.

This year I just found some color in my own backyard. I hope you are enjoying your autumn revery before Old Man Winter arrives.

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Lori said...

Hi, again! Those are 2 more good pics of the gorgeous fall colors and, of course, Pie-key Peakey! ha!
That's what E. and I call it, jokingly...
Pedro will blend right in, to certain leafy backgrounds!! :)
Yes, Autumn is definitely nice in the cool afternoons.
I crochet (crochet'd,croched?) a ladybug stuffed toy with my Grandmother once, but need to remember how to do that!