Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Great Daze of September

I have discovered that there are some fun things to celebrate in the month of September. On the 9th it is Wonderful Weirdos Day and the day the hot dog was invented back in 1884. Next up is Bold is Beautiful Day on the 13th and then we can celebrate National Cheeseburger Day on the 18th.

Coming up sooner than we think is the First Day of Autumn on the 22nd. I, for one, am enjoying the last of "leftover summer" days and will welcome the change in season and temperature. From my vantage point I am already seeing leaves changing and suspect that we are in for an early and, possibly, harsh winter.

On September 23rd we can celebrate Apple Cider Day and play a game of checkers to celebrate a day set aside just for that pasttime. If you are feeling amourous, send your loved one a note on September 26th for Love Note Day. Mine will be addressed to Mr. Pedro, the Pirate Prince of my heart.

For the last Sunday of the month you can look for neighborly pursuits to celebrate National Good Neighbor Day.

Whatever your plans for this month, I hope you pursue them with gusto!


Cathy R said...

And don't forget today (9/18)...

International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!


Lori (friend) said...

I like yer September special days, as it is the month I was born :). I guess the 4th,then, is "Time to Blow out all those Candles Day-Lori!" The month has flown by-only six days left. Beautiful weather lately! Hello, Pedro! Meow! Prrrrt! :) Have a good 25th, too, ok Donna? :)