Monday, May 12, 2014

Snake Assembly Line

First, a big thank you to Shiny Happy World for the great pattern that I found on Craftsy for free.

I have an order to make 20 of these little guys for a co-worker that leads kid groups. She will be using them for prizes.

It was lots of fun to sorting through my scraps to find different color choices to make these. I am making half of them filled and the other half flat.

In this picture, my quality inspector was trying to get into the shot but his assistant, Ms. Purl, got in there with her friend, Snaky (see his glowing blue eyes).

The funnel and melon baller are used to get the pellets into the filled snakes. Watch for a post that will include a picture of the finished "nest" of snakes when they are ready for delivery.

I hope everyone has a fun project they are working on~!

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