Monday, May 5, 2014

More on the Baby Quilts - Lewe the Sheep

You recently saw the finished quilt top picture for the Lewe the Sheep quilt.

Here is the picture of how I finally designed the quilt to get maximum use out of the fabric I had to work with.

Now that the top has been finished and the backing and quilting thread procured, it is time to take it to the longarm and get it quilted. That is scheduled for later this month.

While I am waiting to quilt this one, I am working on a second one that I will address in a near future post. As well as the accompanying pieces that go with Lewe. I have a growth chart to assemble and a diaper basket. From the leftover backing which is a wavy striped minky in matching colors to the top, there may be a monster softy.

This set is being constructed for my eldest nephew for his first child due some time in June, per my mother's request. I hope it is greatly appreciated.

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