Saturday, February 1, 2014

From Nearly to Finished - DONE!

Here we are at the end of my May Charm School project, the Scrap Basket Trellis by Kate Mitchell Quilts. Seen above, shown being put on the long arm with my fabulous instructor, Regina, making sure it is on straight and ready to quilt.

This one has taken a lot of conversation and planning to get it ready to quilt. I appreciate her patience with my trepidation to do this as it is my very first pieced and appliqued one.

It was completed with two corners using a computerized design and the rest done free motion with meander and a version of leaf (looks more like shark fins).

I am very pleased with this finished product. It is approximately 45-inch square makes it a great wall hanging or table topper. Will see what its final destination is later.

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