Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Apron

Yesterday I went to the apron class that I have been anticipating since May. It was great to see Gwen again. It was her book, When Life Hands You Alzheimer's, Make Aprons,  and the pattern that got me all excited about my sewing again.

For four hours she shared stories of her mother, father and growing up on a farm, while we all sewed and shopped for more fabric to create more aprons. We also learned some new tricks to make the sewing go faster, and how to create the really cute towel that hangs on the apron. The one I made is called Katie's Apron. There are two others in the pattern, one is for a child.

This one will hang in the shop for a while as a sample, then I will have it at home to use. It is a great project to practice your sewing skills.

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Cathy R said...

I love your apron. The flowers make me happy. I especially like the matching hand towel!