Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's the Little Things - A Stash-Buster Idea

While I have been playing with the beehive look, I discovered a very fun thing to do with the leftovers from the Red Heart Shimmer skein which I used for the red set, shown previously.

I knit cuffs, using the same technique, that can be used when indoors and you just need some warmth with a little glitz. Then I found a pair of the Magic Gloves, that are found this time of year for a little price and stretch to fit most hands, with a red beadazzled heart on them. The cuff is not attached to the gloves, just placed over the cuff of the glove, and then you can pull the glove off and leave the cuff on if you like.

This set is seriously cute. I am really pleased with the outcome. The pattern for the entire set will be available soon through Ravelry. I will be making that announcement here on the blog when it is ready to go.

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