Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another HP Hat

I am doing a fast knit on another Harry Potter House colors hat for the family in Germany. The other sets were received in mid-October and everyone loved them. One hat was not a good fit, The Evil ELf aka my brother, said the beanie design makes him look like he is wearing the Pope's hat.

So I foound the leftover Gryfffindor colors last night and found a pattern to make a better fitting beanie without the odd decrease indicated in the pattern from Charmed Knits.

The pattern I am using is Quick and Easy Knit Picks Beanie by Toni Carr. I cast on the number of stitches from the large size in the HP Beanie and am doing the ribbing as indicated in the Knit Picks pattern. I will be adding one stripe of gold at about the three-inch mark, the rest is done in the maroon.

I hope to have it in the mail to him by the next week so he can be wearing it for family outings.

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